Here is the path to various
Academic Round Tables and Conversations around the Campfire

First: some inspiration from uses of real space: in a park, a university "round table", a campfire:

Dokumenta11 in Kassel in Germany open park installation by Peter Brok, Berlin Yale University Womans Table sculpture by Maya Lin Harvest Campfire in Rothenburg in Brandenburg in Germany
The "virtual" Camp "in" the internet also constructs "space" -- creates some "common ground" where various groups construct their campsites, and tourists and guests are welcome.
The first common facility at the camp ground is the campfire, with Conversations around the Campfire and Round Tables. 
Technically here: public "open source" software (in German: "gemeinnützige" "publically useful, for the common good") will be tried out, put together, hopefully improved.
Currently we are conducting experiments on site and converting to wiki software.
We would especially welcome participation in developing dialogues across the generations...across geological, geographic and cultural boarders explore and hopefully improve citizens' diplomacy,
for now, and for the future.